We are focusing on building a

world class company, and we know that in order to accomplish this, we must spend money.

(b). Employee retention and satisfaction

Extremely important; great companies are built with great people, and you have to

develop and retain your employees.

(c). Reputation of the firm

The most important of all, we are trying to build a profitable and reputable


13. Can you please rank the above mentioned options in the order of importance?

1.) Reputation of the firm 2.) Employee retention and satisfaction 3.) Cost-savings

14. Do you believe that your firm has been successful so far in facing the economic downturn?

Please explain,why?

Yes, although the economy is down, we are thriving as a company. We are making smarter

decisions, and as a result have the capital to invest in our people, who in turn, will make

our company even more successful.


Interview 2:

A company which provides engineering solutions to environmental, design, building and

contract issues. Specializes in waste, water treatments and serves municipalities, schools,

colleges, industrial facilities and food and beverage sector. A mid size company which has a

national presence.

Position – Recruiter and Project specialist in the company who returned our phone call.

Interview Questions

1. What is your Position –(Top-Management, Mid-Management, Technical or support staff) My

title is Recruiting and Project Specialist. I support our Consulting, Corporate, and

Operation & Management groups with recruiting needs, and I also do Human Resources

related project work.

2. Approximate number of employees employed in your firm in the US. 560

3.Has the economic downturn caused your firm to implement any cost cutting measures affecting

employees? What are they? (For example, measures such as layoffs, furloughs, reduction of

benefits etc.) Yes, we had pay freezes this year, so only those who were promoted received

raises. We will be cautious as we move into 2010 to see how long that pay freeze will

last. Some employees went down to part-time hours temporarily and will go back to fulltime

as work increases in their area.

4.How effective were they in terms of overall benefit (Considering the aspects such as Savings,

employee retention, reputation of the firm) In addition to pay freezes, we are more cognizant

of how we are spending money traveling to other offices only when needed, scaling down

office holiday functions, etc. These types of measures alone help. The overall benefits I

think are good at this point- we have not had to do any major lay-offs, and we are trying to

keep things steady and consistent at this point.

5.(If they list layoff) Approx. how many employees has your firm laid off in the US? Around


6. How effective was layoff as a solution? We laid off a very small number, and so this will

not play a primary role in saving our company money.

7. Approximately how much money was your firm was able to save as a result of the methods

that were implemented? Can not answer this.


8. Estimate the size of paycuts your company has implemented. Please explain how those

paycuts were implemented (If paycuts were listed)

Pay cuts have not been implemented, only a pay freeze- people’s salaries are holding


9. (If reduction of benefits was used) What kind of benefits were reduced and how was that

throughout the firm? (Did everyone lose same benefits or did the executives lose more than


10. (If shorter workweeks were implemented) How many hours were reduced in a week to save

money? This only affected very few employees. They went down to either 32, and some

went to 24.

11. If multiple methods were implemented – which, in your opinion, is the most efficient method

in terms of

(a). Cost-savings

(b). Employee satisfaction

(c). Firm reputation

12. How important are following aspects to your firm, please explain

(a). Cost-savings- Very important. We are consulting firm and have a backlog of work to

sustain us, however we have to project towards the future and what happens when we run

out of backlog and the economy has not picked up enough for us to keep bringing in a

sufficient amount of new work. We need to make sure we are being cost-conscious so that

we can continue to support our current employee base.

(b). Employee retention and satisfaction- Very important. Our firm was founded on the idea

that employees come first- before the work and before the clients. Based on that

philosophy, we have many folks that have worked her 15, 20, 25 or more years. Retention

is extremely important to us.

(c). Reputation of the firm- We are a consulting firm and our reputation is half of what gets

us work. People here how well we did on a job and reach out to us. We also want to do a

good job so a client will keep coming back with more projects.